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Friday, September 30, 2011

Los Ojos - Jemez Springs, NM

On the same trip to NM (see below), I tried another recommendation in Jemez Springs.  There's not much to JS, I think there were maybe only two or three places to eat in the entire town.
After perusing the menu, I settled on the green chile and cheese tamales.  I first had these at El Cholo in Los Angeles.  At El Cholo, many years ago, they were fantastic.  These, on the other hand, were mediocre.  They were pretty much tasteless, as were the beans, and the rice was hard.  And the sliced from a can olives...please.  This meal was worse than the Mexican restaurant in Biloxi, and that's pretty bad.
My eating companions didn't fare much better.  Sheryl ordered chicken nachos, which came sans chicken, and melted cheese-like sauce, much like the kind you get out of the dispenser at 7-11.  Inconceivable!  And unforgivable.
All in all, a disappointing culinary trip to NM. 

Overall rating - 1.5 sumos.


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