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Saturday, July 28, 2007


This restaurant is located in Nihonbashi. The owner's son and my cousin's husband went to school together. With that kind of connection, I made this the celebratory last meal of my trip.

This area is fairly quiet at night, and the restaurant only stayed open until 9:30. Usually that's plenty late for me, but my friend had a full night planned. This was a great way to start. Got the omakase, or Chef's choice. These are just pictures of my plates. They brought us one per person, so we had six plates between the two of us!

The specialty at Yoshino is baby clam sushi. It was really good. Very tender and flavorful. The food just kept coming and coming. I don't know if this was the norm, or if we got special treatment. That's what I'm thinking. We had so much food I was stuffed, and I never get full on just sushi and sashimi.

Below from left to right is: top - salmon eggs, tamago (egg), squid, bonito, middle - flounder, maguro (tuna) , toro (fatty tuna), hamachi (yellowtail), bottom - tekkamaki, hamachi, ebi (shrimp), and unagi (eel).

I don't remember how much it cost. Another friend joined us and I think we had a total of three beers. With all that food and the beers I think it was around $80, a bargain considering everything we got.

Overall rating - 4 sumos


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