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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Not all restaurants have reopened post-Katrina, even though it's been almost two years now. I read that Anthony Bourdain ate here after Katrina, so we went to check it out.

Lisa and I split a dozen oysters. This was only the second time that I have had raw oysters. They were okay, definitely fresh, but they were a little gritty. I wonder if it had to do with where they were harvested, or with the preparation. I first time I had oysters, at Emeril's in Vegas, they weren't gritty at all.

For my main course I had the crawfish etoufee. I was not impressed. I think they used minute rice in the dish. I've never had etoufee before, but it's supposed to be more spicy than gumbo. I thought it was just okay.

Overall rating - 2.5 sumos


At 12:41 AM, Blogger henrychan888 said...

i would think that "Naw-leans" would have better crawfish... sorry to hear it wasn't soo good.

Great Pics, nonetheless!


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