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Saturday, October 20, 2007


As Yuki's was supposed to be the "best" Japanese restaurant in the area, El Saltillo was said to be the "best" Mexican restaurant in the greater Mississippi coast region. Kind of like saying that February is the best month in hell.

Someone ordered the enchiladas. Now doesn't this look like one of those $0.99 Banquet frozen dinners?

I ordered the carnitas. Now one thing I could never complain about was the portion size in the deep south. You certainly get plenty of food for your money. What you don't get, on the other hand, is flavor. The carnitas were just barely spiced, the wrong cut of pork was used, and it didn't have the crispy outside, tender inside of really well prepared carnitas.

And I thought the Mexican restaurants in Denver sucked (which they do).

Overall rating - 2 sumos


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